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In 2022 Pew Research Center published that "Young Americans are now less likely to become or remain Christian and more likely to become or remain unaffiliated."

I'm a therapist who specializes in working with religious deconstruction.

This gives me a unique perspective and insight into the experience of individuals who have left their faith, or are in the process of questioning whether to do so.

The reality is that the individuals I work with have been injured by the people they trusted and messages they once clung to.

I want to help your church do better.

Two graphs, one depicting that young americans are now less likely to become or remain Christian and one depicting that young Americans are more likely to become or remain unaffiliated

Consultations are one-of-a-kind.
You will choose:

The Audience

You choose the audience: Your consultation can be a one-on-one meeting, a small group session, or an entire congregation offering.

Suggested audiences include leadership teams, small group leaders, and parents.

The Format

You choose the format: Your consultation can be a presentation, workshop, question-and-answer forum, or group conversation.

The Topics

You choose the topics: Your consultation can target your church's unique needs.

Suggested topics include themes that present in therapy related to deconstruction and recommendations for creating a more welcoming space for those who are questioning.

Rates and fees will vary.

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