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  • Mary Katherine L

Signs You're In a Healthy Relationship - Part 1

A sign that you may be in a healthy relationship is that you're thriving.

By this I do not mean that you are accomplishing all of your New Year's goals or even that you are experiencing a lot of happiness.

I mean you. You are thriving.

What does this look like?


You are thriving in such a way that you are vibrantly yourself. You are not losing your sense of self; you are becoming a stronger version of yourself!

You are allowed to show weakness, but you can also show your strengths. You are not shamed for being you; you are welcomed.

In other words, the best parts of you? The parts that make you... you? Those are not being squashed or smothered. If you are exuberant, you are still exuberant and maybe even more exuberant. If you are empowered and assertive, you are still empowered and assertive and maybe even more so.


You are confident in your decisions. Your decisions are your own, even as you make them together with your partner.

Your voice is not being made quiet or small. For example, when you and your partner are deciding on a vacation spot together, you can say with confidence that the decision was yours, even if the final decision wasn't your top pick.


You are appreciating and liking yourself more and more, and your partner not only contributes to that but encourages it. You are compassionate to yourself.

You are not demeaning yourself; you are not berating yourself. You treat yourself with kindness, and that kindness is reinforced by your partner.


Your relationship is a safe place for self-exploration. You can fail without shame, and you can succeed without any need to downplay it.

You are allowed to be full of glee when you have made yourself proud, and you are shown comfort when you are disappointed that something has gone a different way than you hoped.

In a healthy relationship, you are celebrated.


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