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  • Mary Katherine L

Signs You're In a Healthy Relationship - Part 4

A sign that you may be in a healthy relationship is that you're trusting.

Every sign that we have talked about so far -- thriving, learning, and, especially, sharing -- requires trust.

When you are trusting, what benefits do you experience?


You do not question your sanity or your capabilities. You do not wonder whether you are worthy of love. You do not have to guess whether you deserve to be treated kindly.

You can trust yourself. In other words, trusting your partner does not come at the cost of self-trust.


You trust that the relationship is balanced. You feel respected; you feel listened to. You feel valued.

You feel like a partner, in every sense of the word.


You can thrive, learn, and share because you trust that your partner isn't going to take advantage of you or exploit you.

In a healthy relationship, you can rest.


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